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The rise of the digital age has made tech an integral part of life, work, and particularly business. Keeping up with the myriad technical needs of your business is a full-time job, and you have neither the time, skills, nor inclination to do it. And why should you? You have a business to run; we provide the managed IT support services to make life easier, support your company, ensure everything runs perfectly, and help you thrive and grow.

Struggling to manage your IT requirements inhouse undermines their purpose. That’s where we come in, offering expert-driven and comprehensive support to meet the demands of your business, and ensure you never have to worry about your tech. From day-to-day maintenance to long-term technological planning and strategy, Acrylic IT has you covered.

We’re here to implement the perfect techy solutions for your company, protect and monitor all your systems, keep everything bang up-to-date, and fix niggling issues before they turn into headache-inducing problems. Our 24/7 Managed IT Support Services provide you with an affordable, effective, proactive solution to all the demands of a busy, growing business.

Managed IT services are a business solution delivered by a professional IT service provider to solve the technological needs of companies without the expense, difficulties or complications of hiring an in-house team. Your IT service provider will work in harmony with your business to ensure you’re fully supported to achieve your goals.

There are many benefits that you can gain from utilising managed IT support services. Access to 24/7 expertise, flexible and future-proof services, and predictable costs are just some of the great ways business IT support can help you flourish. Read About More Benefits…

Managed services offer unlimited IT support at a flat-rate, monthly fee, combined with the proactive and expert monitoring of high level IT infrastructure and workstations. 

Unlike traditional IT providers who billed by the hour to fix specific problems as and when they occur, a managed service provides ongoing maintenance and support that prevents as many problems as it solves, and has a fixed fee each month. 

Outsourcing your managed IT support to a service provider gives you peace of mind, access to a highly skilled team of experts, an effective way of managing ongoing costs, and the means to quickly and effectively implement new technologies without risk of disruption or downtime.

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Never Let A Computer Know You’re In A Hurry…


Hiring your own personal tech wizard comes with a lot of benefits, the main one being never having to worry about machine meltdowns. Here are a few more…

  • Temp issues – temporary employees hired to implement new tech initiatives or manage tech-driven projects are frequent disapointments. 

  • Focusing your resources – focus your HR resources where you need them most and outsource your IT support.

  • Beyond qualifications – anyone can gain an IT qualification; it’s the years spent working and managing a wide range of practical situations that is the true value of an IT support company.

  • Reduce your labour costs – finding, hiring and training qualified IT staff is an expensive business.

  • Reduce risks – leave the risks of managing constantly changing markets, technology, financial factors, government regulations and the competition by leaving it to a team who specialises in the industry.

Computers Have Lots Of Memory But No Imagination…

Creative Thinking Complements Tech

One of the huge benefits of working with a team of tech wizards is having access to their creativity and innovative thinking. Machines are getting eerily closer to true intelligence each year, yet even the most advanced machine learning isn’t capable of mimicking the human capacity for creative thought. Your IT infrastructure may lack imagination but your tech geeks don’t! We’re here to put every microchip and byte of memory to work in the most productive, successful and imaginative way possible…


All The Tech Support Your Business Needs…

There are a myriad of ways our techno mages can transform your business, simply by providing the right support and infrastructure…


Protect your business from unforeseen catastrophes and the ninja hackers of the world with our cyber security and disaster recovery services.

Keeping Your Data Safe

Find out how we can safeguard your business and data.

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Create maximum flexibility in your business with cloud services and communication systems to get you fully mobile and connected.

Maximising Your Potential

Let us revolutionise your business with a whole new way of working.

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Get a professional assessment of your business’ current situation and needs and we’ll devise an ongoing plan to achieve your goals.

Expert IT Consultancy

Get a big-picture view of your business and plan for future success.

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Cool Ideas & Awesome Insights

Learn more about how our managed IT support services can help you make your business dreams a reality through technological ingenuity and a lot of creative thinking…

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“We have used Acrylic for our IT support for many years and have always found them to be super-fast at dealing with IT issues. This is really important when running a business as any down time can cause large issues within our company. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Patrick Hough, Hough Construction

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