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Connection Is Everything

If there’s one thing any thriving business requires it’s effective communication. Whether it’s your team talking to each other, contact with suppliers and stakeholders, getting your marketing message out there, or effortlessly keeping in touch with clients, connection is everything.

Professional communication services that hook up individual and remote workers, customers, teams, and virtual workgroups are essential. How else is your company going to effectively work together, creating and delivering phenomenal customer service? Acrylic can cater to all your communication needs, from mobiles and telephony to call recording, online connection, live chat and even printer and photocopier solutions.

All these forms of communication service essentially mean the same thing – providing your business with effective telephony via your broadband. All that’s needed to make and receive calls is a simple IP telephone that’s plugged into a broadband circuit. All these services function similarly to a regular phone system but their delivery through the cloud ensures greater functionality, enhanced connectivity, infinite flexibility and scalability.

Running your business through the cloud is one of the most secure ways to run your company. Compliance with government regulations and GDPR is ensured through securing financial data and removing the risk of phone hacking. More than this, disaster recovery is in place at multiple levels to ensure calls always get through and allowing you to login from any device with an internet connection.

Voice calls over broadband provide incredibly clear communication. The vital element here is your bandwidth – the only limitations on quality come from how much you’re capable of supporting. That being said, every voice call takes up only a small amount of data (roughly 150kb). All that’s needed to ensure quality calls is making sure you have enough upstream bandwidth to support the number of calls you’re likely to have taking place simultaneously. If you’re not sure, we can advise you on the best type of broadband connection for your cloud telephony needs.

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Benefits Of Cloud Telephony

Balancing the needs of your team in terms of mobility and flexible working, and what you require in terms of compliance, security and standardised processes is always a challenge. Cloud telephony gives you access to the very best in technology systems and solutions from a single supplier. It’s the unique, modern way to source all the tech your team business needs to work smarter and boost productivity.

  • Instant Updates – cloud-hosted communicated is never out of date. Your updates are constant and instant.

  • Unlimited Devices – cloud communication services ensure you’re unlimited where users are concerned.

  • Easy User Access – everyone on your team can access your cloud telephony system through a single login.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access – as long as you have a broadband connection you have access to all your call services.

  • Simpler Maintenance – all your communication needs will be fully and easily maintained without you having to give it a second thought.

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Rich Communication Services

Traditional text messaging is so last decade. They don’t allow group messaging, offer read receipts, support animated stickers, or let you obsess over why people haven’t replied when they’ve clearly been online. Relying on cellular connections via SMS is a dated business model that is now being replaced by Rich Communication Services (RCS) – essentially chats like those provided by Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Rich communication services allow audio, video, group chats and the sharing of high-resolution imagery. See when people are replying in real-time, check your read receipts, stay connected.

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11 Ways Business Communication Will Make Your Company More Successful

There is a constant flow of information both within and beyond your company in the form of business communication. The larger your business the more complex the communication hierarchy becomes, with various levels and requirements needed to function effectively and efficiently. But even the smallest business needs powerful and continuous communication between employees and employers, and between your organisation and the rest of the world. 

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