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It’s the nightmare scenario no business owner wants to face: your servers are down, all your data has mysteriously vanished into the ether, and everything has ground to a halt. These days everything in the business sphere is data and technology-driven, making a catastrophic data loss a very real, very terrifying threat.

With 43% of businesses never reopening in the wake of a major disaster, having a well-planned and up-to-date data recovery strategy is essential for every business. You need a backup and disaster recovery system ready and waiting should the unthinkable happen.

You need a team of tech wizards who live and breathe data to set it all up for you. And you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing those same computer geniuses are poised and waiting to swoop in and save the day should you need them. From natural disasters like fire and flood, to data breaches, hacking, and viruses, an effective disaster recovery service will protect your company from power outages, software and hardware failure, and human error.

Everything! To ensure effective disaster recovery for your business you need to think beyond simply backing up files and databases. For effective disaster recovery, you need to backup your whole infrastructure – that means PCs, servers, NAS drives, SAD, the works. All these elements of your tech contain data essential for your business operations.

Without full backup that captures your operation system configurations, application setting, registry data, and bookmarks you won’t be able to achieve full recovery in the event of a disaster. You also need to ensure backups of end-points and hypervisors, as well as making sure laptops and any additional mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones are secured.

Backing up frequently means less data is lost in the event of system failure, attack, or natural disaster, yet this means having more storage. You may be tempted to backup less frequently to save storage, but this is very dangerous as you risk losing all new data acquired between backups – the less frequently you backup, the more you will lose when something bad happening. 

That period between backups is known as a Recovery Point Objective or RPO, and it’s important to weigh the risk of longer periods against the amount you’re saving. SMEs generally practice daily backups as the amount of data collected and created by your business on a daily basis is not only large but also highly valuable. The critical applications in your business, however, need backing up more frequently, ideally every few hours.

Disaster recovery processes take time—from the moment disaster strikes to a full recovery of operations. This period is called RTO (Recovery Time Objective). Normal business practice for single server ranges from 2 to 24 hours. A larger data center can require 24-72 hours. Restoring a whole company to regular operations could take even longer.

Computers Are Like Old Testament Gods; Lots Of Rules, No Mercy…


With cyber attacks an increasing concern, and even the natural world escalating the intensity of fires, floods, plagues, and various other threats, you’d be forgiven for worrying the world is ending. The good news is that an effective disaster recovery plan can safeguard your business, come what may. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Reduce Restore Time – restore your systems, services and applications in no time. 

  • Limit Your Losses – reduce loss of revenue and avoid incurring related costs. 

  • Predefined Emergency Processes – define simple procedures to replace core functionality during downtime. 

  • Protect Against Human Error – however good your team are, we all make mistakes!

  • Limit Your Liability – protect your customer’s data and services.

The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It…

Plan Now, Panic Never

It’s impossible to predict the future, however there are a number of possible ways your business could experience a catastrophic failure. Planning for these creates the best-case outcome in the event the worst-case scenario actually occurs. 

We’re here to design and implement the perfect system to improve your data’s resilience to all manner of disaster, ensure business continuity while minimising downtime and costs, and get you back up and running as fast as possible should the worst happen.

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For the modern business ensuring continuity and minimum downtime in the event of a disaster is absolutely essential. Many disasters can be avoided with the right preparation and a clear plan ensures the swiftest recovery possible.


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