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The rise of the digital age has made IT an integral part of life, work, and particularly business. Keeping up with the myriad technical needs of your business is a full-time job, and you have neither the time, skills, nor inclination to do it.

And why should you?

You have a business to run; all that tech is there to make life easier, support your company, ensure everything runs perfectly, and help you thrive and grow. Struggling to manage your IT requirements inhouse undermines their purpose. That’s where we come in…

24 7 Managed IT Support Northwich Cheshire
Managed IT Support, Cloud Services Northwich Cheshire

Cloud Services

Effective cloud solutions reduce your startup costs, ensure you never pay more than necessary month-to-month, minimise your ongoing IT costs, improve your cyber security. The cloud ensures effective continuity, fewer operational issues, and simple scalability in your business, and gives you complete document control throughout your company, with remote access for all employees.

Best of all, cloud services are evergreen, resistant to data loss, and don’t require an energy-guzzling, space-hogging on-site server. Acrylic provide a range of comprehensive managed cloud services, from hybrid cloud solutions to private systems…

The Problem With Troubleshooting Is That Trouble Shoots Back…


If there’s one thing any thriving business requires it’s effective communication. Whether it’s your team talking to each other, contact with suppliers and stakeholders, getting your marketing message out there, or effortlessly keeping in touch with clients, connection is everything. Professional communication services hookup individual and remote workers, customers, teams, and virtual workgroups are essential…

Managed IT Support, Communication Services Northwich Cheshire
Managed IT Support, Security Services Northwich Cheshire

Cyber Security

Having anti-virus software installed on your machines can easily lull you into a false sense of security, and the belief your company is safe. The truth is that two-thirds of businesses have already fallen victim to cyber attacks, and the risks of cyber crime are constantly growing. SMEs are particularly attractive targets for hackers and cyber criminals, precisely because they frequently lack the proper security measures needed to protect their data and infrastructure. Acrylic provide full-service security protection for your business…

Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology Is Indistinguishable From Magic…

Managed IT Support, Disaster Recovery Services Northwich Cheshire

Disaster Recovery

It’s the nightmare scenario no business owner wants to face: your servers are down, all your data has mysteriously vanished into the ether, and everything has ground to a halt. These days everything in the business sphere is data and technology-driven, making a catastrophic data loss a very real, very terrifying threat.

You need a team of tech wizards who live and breathe data to set it all up for you. And you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing those same computer geniuses are poised and waiting to swoop in and save the day should you need them…

IT Consultancy

Unsure what your business needs in terms of IT support, infrastructure and security? Or maybe you know exactly what’s needed, but are confounded by the level of choice out there? You want a comprehensive tech solution that’s as effective, efficient, and frugal as possible, that doesn’t require constant input and management on your end. Acrylic offer professional consultancy services that provide access to all our industry knowledge, skills, and geeky goodness…

Manged IT Support, Consultancy Services Northwich Cheshire
Managed IT Support Northwich Middlewich Cheshire

“We have used Acrylic for our IT support for many years and have always found them to be super-fast at dealing with IT issues. This is really important when running a business as any down time can cause large issues within our company. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Patrick Hough, Hough Construction