The amount of electronic devices that we rely on, both personal and professional, is extremely high. But with all the perks of technology, there’s an increasingly high risk of attacks you want to avoid. 

And that’s the purpose of cyber security, in a nutshell!

Let’s crack open that nut and look at precisely what cyber security is and why it is an essential priority. 

Cyber Security 101…

The term cyber security indicates the protection of your devices from internal and external attacks. Through the application of advanced technologies, cyber security makes sure that your servers don’t get damaged by malware, that your clients’ details don’t get stolen or leaked, and that your business can go on smoothly without incidents. 

There are many techniques of cyber security, each of which aims to protect a specific area of your informatic structure. 

Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security…

This kind of security protects critical infrastructure, such as water grids, traffic lights, and hospitals. However, these aren’t usually the ultimate targets of an attack: they are just the platforms through which cyber attacks can affect the endpoints connected to these systems.

To protect the overall functionality, Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security accesses and tackles the vulnerable points of each infrastructure. 

Network Cyber Security…

One of the most common types of Cyber Security is the one that protects networks. Most likely, it is the one that you will be using the most to protect your business network.

How does it work? 

Think of your network as a physical house you want to protect from intruders and unwanted guests.

Network Cyber Security works to ensure that not only is your system safe but that every suspicious activity is reported and monitored closely.

Cloud Security…

Nowadays, Clouds are one of the most helpful and reliable solutions for data storage. But as versatile as they are, they can also be subject to cyber attacks that could potentially threaten all of their data. 

Cloud Security does just what it says it does: implements and protects your cloud’s structure from internal and external threats.  

Application Security…

We refer to all of the devices and software connected to your business with the term application.  

By protecting your application security, you make sure that you aren’t subjected to threats or actual attacks through unsupervised or faulty aspects of your devices. 

Why Do I Need It? What’s The Purpose Of Cyber Security?

There are many reasons you need to take care of your cyber security. The first one is that one attack could potentially destroy your business and your credibility for good. 

More generally speaking, try to remember that we heavily rely on technology to go on with our daily lives, which is even more accurate when it comes to business. 

True, you might be careless about what happens with your personal data, but your customers most certainly will.

So what’s the purpose of cyber security? To keep you, your business, and your customers safe and functioning at all times. 

What Happens If I Decide to Ignore It?

Let’s say you are a victim of ransomware. This kind of attack blocks any access to all of your valuable data and threatens to destroy it unless you pay an exorbitant sum of money – a ransom. 

You might even decide that you want to pay it, only to find out that you shouldn’t have it and that, most of all, you are not getting any of your data back.

Now, if you have a backup plan or a disaster recovery strategy ready to be used, you might be lucky enough to be able to save the day. But if you’ve decided to ignore Cyber Security completely, it’s doubtful that you do.

Well, then, your whole business is gone, and your customers might even decide to sue you for a breach of GDPR. 

But many other things could happen, and all of them will result in a massive loss of money and customers.

Are you sure you want to oversee your business security?

Where Do I Start?

First, you need to know that Cyber Security is a highly complicated matter that requires the attention of the most skilled IT professionals. And you probably should start by asking for help!

However, there are many safety measures you can ensure are respected in the first place.

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