The Cloud

Is The Cloud Secure?


Many people love how they can save files and access them from anywhere with the cloud. Others are worried about the security of the cloud and whether or not their [...]

Is The Cloud Secure?2022-05-13T16:48:49+00:00

What Is A Public Cloud?


Resource sharing and scalability are great news for running a cost-effective business, and this is what a public cloud offers. Whether you’re a cloud aficionado or new to the world of cloud computing, here’s everything you need to know about the public cloud, the advantages and disadvantages, and the structure...

What Is A Public Cloud?2021-05-28T15:13:14+00:00

How Secure Is Cloud Communication?


A huge percentage of businesses rely on cloud services in one way or another. The benefits are clear - flexibility, hassle-free, reduced costs and speedier access to upgrades to name a few - but security is still a question mark for many. However, as the technology has developed, so too have the security features...

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