Life in a small business can be frantic, we get it. You could be finding yourself having to single handedly manage every aspect of your company, from sales to human resources, which is incredibly stressing. 

With IT being extremely important for your business activities you might have thought about hiring internal IT support.

But is that truly a good idea?

Here’s why you should outsource your IT support and what are the benefits for your business.

It’s Less Expensive…

When hiring external IT support it all comes down to maximising your company’s profits and making sure your technological needs are met. 

When hiring internal support you’re not just paying for their job, but also for their training, their benefits, their holidays, their tax and National Insurance.

If you want to keep your IT in-house you will also need to invest in expensive hardware and software. 

Meanwhile, if you’re outsourcing your IT support, you can hire experts on a per project basis and they will take care of any kind of equipment they might need, making sure it’s updated and working properly.

This will not only drastically reduce your costs. It will also reduce your need to worry about keeping up with new technologies.

You Have Access to Highly Skilled Experts…

Simply put, when using outsourced IT Support you have the possibility of accessing a team of experts, rather than having to hire an individual. Your managed IT support services will usually be more than a one-man-band. You’ll have different team members specialising in different roles, and multiple people available to help if more than one pair of hands is needed.. 

When hiring an in-house IT specialist you have to think of many factors that will inevitably keep you from choosing who actually is the best for the job. One candidate may be perfect for one aspect, while another is ideal for a different area, yet you can only choose one.

You may also find it tough to attract top talent to your company. 

For example, a smaller company won’t be as attractive as a bigger one for somebody to work in. Somebody who’s highly skilled might not be interested in joining your business on a permanent basis, as it wouldn’t be challenging enough. An in-house employee will also need you to invest in continuous training, so they remain up-to-date and are capable of working with more advanced systems.

With outsourced support, on the other hand, you will have a per project basis consultancy and it’s in their best interest to be up to date with the latest technological developments.

You Don’t Know When You Might Need it…

You know how business is: some days you need to work late and others there is hardly anything you can do. 

This is even truer with IT. 

Sure, cybersecurity is hard to achieve and it’s an ongoing task, but a highly skilled IT expert will take less to come up with a plan – and follow through with it – than you think.

Having a permanent employee can easily be a waste of resources, while hiring an outsource expert will ensure you have everything that you need when you need it.

You Can Focus on Your Business…

Every extra expense takes a significant toll on your business. Having an in-house IT expert is expensive, permanent and not that effective. That basically means paying extra for something you could have better somewhere else and not investing more on what is actually needed for your business.

It’s More Effective…

Being highly skilled, more motivated and focused, an outsource IT support will undoubtedly be more effective -and less expensive- than an in-house one. 

In-house employees can be trained to react to emergency situations but might not be as invested as external supports are in finding daily improvement strategies.

Plus, an outsourcing support team provides you with a 24/7, proactive and reactive solution.

Get Started Today…

You can stop worrying about your IT support now. Here at AIT we are trained to offer bespoke solutions for all kinds of business. Contact us today to see what’s the best strategy to keep your organisation safe and secure.